All who love spaghetti feasts raise their hands.

*Me Me Me Me Me!!!!*  (And Hannah loves it too because she is smiling so pretty!)

Honestly, I think I could eat spaghetti every day and not get sick of it.


(Rebecca is ducking down in her chair by the way so she can’t be seen.)

Garlic bread, meat sauce, SPAGHETTI…I love it all.  Especially the family-style-ness of eating spaghetti together.

Sadly, my waistline doesn’t agree with my pasta-lovin’-soul.


Fear not though!  My obsessive Pinterest stalking of food has finally paid off in gold!

That is, gold colored spaghetti squash!


Yup.  It’s a vegetable.  That looks like spaghetti.

Want a closer look?



It’s kinda weird when you think about it…which is why I choose not to.

Now, the thing is that spaghetti squash will fool no one into thinking that it is, in fact, spaghetti.  It doesn’t have a strong flavor of it’s own and has a slightly semi-crunchy texture.  It can however be a great way to have a spaghetti-style feast with way less guilt!

Since it only has about 10 carbs per serving (versus real spaghetti’s 20 million), I think that gives one a complete and total right to indulge in about…300 more slices of garlic bread.

Awesome math right?

Moving on….



It’s sooooooo easy!

Spaghetti style squash!!

Makes 6 servings (half squash each)


  • Spaghetti squash (I had enough sauce for 3 medium sized squashes.)
  • Meat Sauce (or regular, whatever floats your boat!)
  1. Preheat your oven to 375.
  2. Whack a spaghetti squash in half and remove the seeds (blech).
  3. Place face down on a baking sheet and roast for 45-60 min.  (They are done when you can easily rake a fork across the flesh and get strands.)
  4. While they are roasting, make a quick meat sauce.  I like to brown a lb of ground beef and add just over half a 24oz jar of Prego.  Yum.
  5. Fill the middle of the squash with sauce, sprinkle with cheese, and bake for a couple more minutes while the cheese gets melty.
  6. To eat, simple rake with a fork and mix with the sauce!

Pop quiz time!  What’s the best thing about this squash?



That’s right! The ability to eat more cheesy garlic bread! 🙂

Garlic Bread

Serves…as many as you want…depends on how many pieces you deem as a serving…


  • French bread (I usually use the Walmart bakery loaves)
  • Butter
  • Garlic powder
  • Salt
  • Cheese
  • Herbs (my fave is basil and marjoram)
  1. Preheat oven to 350.
  2. Slice bread to desired thickness, butter, and place on the pan.
  3. Generously sprinkle with garlic powder.   Definition: Generous – bread will be the weird yellow-y color and you probably won’t see the butter anymore…
  4. Sprinkle with a tiny bit of salt.  I get a pinch of it and lightly sprinkle over several slices.
  5. Top with cheese and herbs of choice.
  6. Bake for 10-15 min or until desired meltiness/toastiness is reached
  7. Overindulge as you had spaghetti squash instead of real spaghetti!



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