Life is Messy Sometimes

Have you ever made or done something that initially was awesome, but then turned out to be completely not-awesome at all?



Beautiful fresh veggies, savory beans, funky pasta, chicken broth…


Simmered together in a soup that looked and smelled decadent…

What could go wrong?


Turns out, a lot can go wrong.

I’ve made no-tomato minestrone before that was amazing and that I couldn’t stop eating.  I foolishly forgot to write down my recipe though, and last weekend I tried to recreate it.  Well…you could say it didn’t turn out as planned.

The first bowl was delicious.



But then the soup decided that it didn’t need broth anymore and I believe the pasta acquiesced and soaked it all up.

The result: pure mush.

I was sad to say the least.

I learned an important lesson though through this soup.

Sometimes life is messy…and that’s ok.

The soup (or date, or email, or Facebook status, or Twitter update, or Instagram photo) doesn’t have to be perfect all the time.  Sometimes those things that look incredible at first glance end up being terrible in the long run.

Its fine to mess up sometimes.  The important thing is that you don’t let the mess stop you from trying again.  To learn from your failure and those of others.

Perfection isn’t the goal.  The journey is.

P.S.  I’ll keep trying on the soup.  🙂

In the meantime, make yourself some chocolate covered strawberries.  They rarely disappoint!



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